Beautiful…me & my life

I was out on the high street with my five year old and she was chatting away as usual; ‘My life is so beautiful, it is gorgeous and no one can change that’ and then she proceeded to do a cartwheel. I said ‘Amen’ under my breath and thanked God that she is happy. Later that same day I was on my bed when my twelve year old came in and started chatting. There is something about girls and chatting, even though I am a girl myself I do find myself having to consciously make sure I don’t switch off. My girls will be the first to admit that they can’t survive without talking (Read more) but when they get like this, sometimes I crave silence. Anyway my twelve year old had been rambling for a bit and then I heard her say ‘I have come out of my cocoon, like a beautiful butterfly, I am so beautiful and now I can fly!’. She spotted my distraction and said ‘mum, look at me! I am a beautiful and no one can stop me flying!’ Again I found myself saying ‘Amen!’

If there is one thing that I have tried to do with my girls in particular, it is to ensure that they have a healthy dose of self-esteem and that they value themselves. I have probably done this in an unconventional manner (Mirror mirror…)but I am satisfied with the results. It is true that actions speak louder than words and modelling the sort of behaviour we want our children to have is important as is sowing little seeds of positivity every time we can.

100% human, 100% beautiful!