Push to shove

Parenting, I guess, to a certain extent is personal….while there may be some generic ways to parenting and some guidelines that may help…when push comes to shove, we have to do what works for us….what works for one parent with one child may not work for the same parent with another child or another parent with their child.  I was reminded of this the other day when I saw a friend of mine, sitting in a coffee shop with one of her children reading to him.  It was just before drop off and she had made a date with him to spend a few minutes reading to and with him.  Why?  Because he is dyslexic.   She has several other children and finding time to spend alone with him, giving him the attention he needs is not that easy.  So a quick hot chocolate before school is incentive enough for both of them.

Summer06 015

As if that wasn’t reminder enough as I walked home yesterday I bumped into another mother friend of mine pushing a double buggy…which to all intents and purposes was alarming as her own son is ten.  As I got closer I realised that she was pushing her sons half brothers, and walking closely behind her were her son and her ex-husbands new wife.  Why? Because her sons relationship with his siblings and step mum are important to him and as such they are important to her.  In trying to be the best mother, she was putting aside her own feelings to make sure that her son was okay.

So my label for today reads 100% person, 100% individual, handle according to need…..listen and watch to establish need. Need may change by the minute.

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