The power of listening..

I watched in horror as a young man spoke calmly to a camera, his hands covered in blood, a carving knife of sorts in his hand, a body on the floor in the background.  My mouth ajar I listened to his words trying to understand exactly what I was seeing.  My thoughts went from the victim to the attacker….I couldn’t help but think of his parents.

No parent, I don’t care how aloof, wants their child to be responsible for such savage behaviour.  I wondered how, if at all, it could have been different.  If anything could have changed his course.

As a parent I thought of my own children and how I would feel if one of mine should do something similar, and I questioned what could have gone wrong.  I am all too familiar with the saying ‘children should be seen and not heard’  and I wonder how this may be destroying so many children who just need someone to listen to them; somewhere where they can just air their thoughts.  I am also well aware of the reality that a problem shared is a problem halved.

If we, as parents, as adults in positions of responsibility…if we are not listening, it follows that they will find someone who will……..


Label:  100% person. Needs to be listened to. Needs to be heard.



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