A Better Mummy

I happened to be having a chat with one of the mothers in the playground this morning and she was telling me about her conversation with her five year old.  Her daughter had discovered that she was attending parenting classes in the school and was totally against it.  In her opinion, her mum was good enough as she was and if she got any better, it could be scary.

I gave it no further thought till we were in the car on the way home:

‘Mum! Tia’s mum goes to classes to be a better mummy.  I think you should go.’  My five year old said excitedly.


As I wondered how to take it; whether to be intrigued or offended, my eight year old piped up:

‘What!???  How can you say that? Why does she need to go? She’s the best mother!’

Yes!  That’s my son!

My five year old totally ignored him and continued her conversation; ‘because then I can see you in the classroom, like you go to my school!  That will be so funny, mummy in a class learning’  she giggled to herself.  She continued giggling repeating the sentence to herself pretty much all the way home.  It was clearly a most amusing thought.

100% human, knows how to crack herself up!



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