A goat??!

I have a very interesting relationship with my five year old daughters hair….actually, I guess the relationship is with the owner of the hair. Let’s just say she won’t let me near it and as such it is often in a state that I would rather it wasn’t in. Last week I was granted access…it was short and painful for all involved but at least I had access.
‘Mum, Holly said I look like a goat.’ My five year old stated matter of factly as we drove home from school.  

‘I don’t even look like a goat. How can a goat possibly look like me?!’

I was amazed at her logic but I understood Holly’s comment. I was impressed that Holly had made this observation despite the fact that the ‘horns’ were not equally positioned.

‘Maybe she said that because of your hairstyle.’ I started to explain.

‘My hairstyle! That’s silly! Goats don’t have hair like me!’ She chuckled to herself at what she was now convinced was the most ridiculous statement she had heard.  

‘Goats don’t even have hair!!!!’

‘I think she was referring to the horns’ I continued

‘Horns!!!! I don’t have horns!’ She giggled.  This was really very amusing to her. 

We went back and forth for a few more minutes with me trying to explain why Holly may have compared her looks to that of a goat but I was wasting my time; she was totally unphased by what might have been considered insulting by someone else (certainly by a grown up). She was more concerned, it appeared, by her friends inability to correctly identify a goat! I love it….my five year old is confident!  And she knows that she doesn’t look like a goat.
100% Human. 100% sure of herself.

Knows what a goat looks like, and knows it doesn’t look like her!

2 thoughts on “A goat??!

  1. … Confident of course she must be … “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is an idiom that I’m sure you know means “kids are like their parents; a chip off the old block; like father, like son” or should I say “Like mother like her 5 year old” …

    Have a nice weekend and thanks for making me smile this ‘owuro kutukutu’ …

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