All set, ready to go

It was the last day of the summer holidays and I had sent the children to bed.  My six year old didn’t have a top on, just his shorts so I asked him to put a vest on before he got into bed.  He went to brush his teeth and approached me;
‘Mum? If I am ready for school can I watch TV in the morning?’ He asked.
‘As long as you are totally ready. You have to be dressed, have brushed your teeth and had breakfast’
‘Socks and shoes?’
‘No, you can do that just before we leave’

And off he went to bed.  About half an hour later I wandered up to switch off the light and generally check on the children.  I noticed he had a top on and mentally noted that he had chosen a top over a vest, but I was content.  As I was leaving I caught a glimpse of what seemed like a logo on the top.  I stepped back to see he had trousers on too.
‘What are you wearing darling?’
‘My uniform, that way I can be ready quicker to watch TV’.


Yes…my six year old was lying in bed fully dressed ready for school!

100% human. Will use his brain. Showing signs of great wisdom if as yet misplaced 🙂

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