Baby fat…… or obese?


‘You may be surprised that your child’s result is in the overweight range. ‘

I looked at the letter from change 4 life and the NHS, not quite sure how to react. They had taken his weight and height and here were the results..


Okaaaaaay!  Well it doesn’t surprise me, no!  But for a second I did find the letter a tad rude.  Don’t ask! I guess my defensive mother hen persona showed herself.  I have often commented on how I don’t understand why my third child hasn’t dropped the fat like his older siblings.  All my children have been ‘fat’ babies but the moment they have started walking, the fat has dropped off.  Not with this one.  And here it is, the proof:  My child is overweight!!!!
So what now?  His diet is the same as his siblings, he plays football twice a week and tennis once a week…….He’s generally quite fit….or so I thought.
I am torn.  Do I leave him to grow out of it? But what if that backfires and he grows obese instead?  Or there is the option of putting him on a diet….but what do I change?

And all of a sudden he seems to constantly be asking for a snack.  Every half hour to be precise. Yes I am counting! This time when I refuse and he asks why I have to hold back from saying ‘because you are fat!’  Like it is his fault!

Gosh, my son is overweight! How do I deal with this?!

So here I am debating all this when I see the date that he was weighed…Dec 2012!  And the letter was sent Sept 2013…..come on! Nine months?! A lot can happen in nine months……babies are formed in nine months(just about), an entire school year is done in nine months (thereabouts)…..

Out came the scales and the tape measure and voila….


Phew!  He’s not overweight.  But it did get me thinking, if he was, what would I have changed? And clearly at the time of measurement he was overweight. The fact that I was responsible for this did not pass me by; as his mother, I have a responsibility to make sure that he is eating healthy and keeping fit.


Label: 100% person. Needs food. Healthy food. Needs exercise.



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