Balancing act!

There is a programme on TV called ‘Meet the Adebanjos’. It is a sitcom that follows the lives of a British Nigerian family living in South London.  I love it because I get it. The father is struggling to instill his African values into his British born children.  As I find myself in a similar situation, I decided to get my children to watch it in the hope that they would not only enjoy it but also learn more about African parenting.  Don’t ask……..!

In one episode, the son had done something wrong and was being punished by his dad. His punishment was to balance on one leg leaning forward for an extended period of time.  For most of us who grew up in Africa, this is not  big deal but for my children it was a bit odd:

9 year old: What is he doing?

Me: Balancing

12 year old: not very well

9 year old: why is he balancing?

5 year old: I can balance too look!


2 year old: Me too, look mummy!

Me: It is his punishment

9 year old: Oh my!

12 year old: How long is he there for?

Me:  Hopefully his dad won’t forget about him and leave him there all night


9 year old: I am so glad he is not my dad!

Well….that was not my end destination when I set out to let them watch this, but I’m good with that.

So today I heard what sounded like someone spitting…..and you know that is just not acceptable!

Me: Did I hear you spitting?!!!  I shouted up the stairs

My 12 year old was downstairs with me and without missing a beat said in a dodgy African accent ‘Mum, I think that child has to balance!’


Label – 100% person. Will absorb information and re-use as he sees fit.



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