Because they don’t come with a label!

A friend of mine once said to me that I should be passionate about what I love. I thought that went without saying…aren’t you automatically passionate about things (or people) you love?
Maybe initially but I guess passion can fade even when love doesn’t and so if nothing else, his comment was a reminder.
I’m passionate about parenting-not so much because I love parenting (which I do) but because I love my children and I believe I owe it to them to be a good parent. But that then begs the question ‘what or who is a good parent?’

You know what? I’m not going there, suffice it to say that parenting is a hard job and a privileged role and one which I am not only grateful for but determined to do my best at…………..


Most things arrive with some form of instructions; be it a leaflet, a booklet, a label, writing on the side….something! …Something that shows you at the bare minimum….

1)      how to handle it to get the best out of it

2)      what you must do to get it to work

3)      what you must not do if you want it to work

4)      how to look after it properly

Well, my children didn’t!  They just arrived!  (ok I say ‘just’ but if you have any experience of childbirth you will know that that is a bit tongue in cheek)

And it wasn’t like they were self sufficient either….I couldn’t just plug them in, press a button and hey presto…..oh no!  There seemed to be so much more involved….SO much more …….seeing as all four of my children arrived without a label, I thought I would create a few of my own care labels…….

Can I point out here that these are care labels, not identity labels.


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