I have been guilty of not acting… I heard the news and didn’t really follow it…..thought it would go away; maybe with some ransom paid or something. ….didn’t really think about it.

And I was distracted with what was going on in my life.  But it didn’t go away,  the girls are still ‘lost’ and although the world is now aware,  the fact still remains that vulnerable girls,  our daughters and sisters were abducted because, it seems, they were getting an education.

As a woman, an educated woman, whose mother and grandmother are educated, and whose daughters are being educated I find this really sad.


Girls have rights too.

Girls are humans too.

Bring back our girls.

100 % human.  100 % female.  100 % worthy of an education

2 thoughts on “#bringbackourgirls

  1. 100% true. there is so much us kids take for granted nowadays. And even since Malala Yousafzai’s amazing courage and recovery I still haven’t taken a care about what other people may be going through. I feel very spoilt when I complain ‘ Oh! I hate school, its soo boring’ when people would risk there lives to go to school. We really need to appreciate the everyday things we take for advantage



    C x

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