Brush away

For a few years I have been planning to buy electric toothbrushes for everyone.  I had heard that dentists recommend them and I really felt that my children could do with some help in this area.  Finally at Christmas I remembered and every one of us got an electric toothbrush.  What a thrill!  I was quite irritated when my eldest son chose the very minute when I was using my electric toothbrush for the first time to ask me a question I had to answer.

‘I can’t believe you deprived me from enjoying my first experience of my toothbrush’  I complained.

He apologised profusely commenting on how exciting he had found his first experience.  I was glad, with any luck all four children would soon be brushing their teeth properly, regularly.

Speaking of regularly, I noticed that my three year old had taken to it like a duck to water; at every given opportunity she was off to brush her teeth.   I did restrict her but was secretly happy that I had cracked it!


Imagine my horror the other day when having heard the buzzing of her toothbrush yet again, I walked into the bathroom to find her standing there, toothbrush whirling as she watched it.  It was nowhere near her mouth!

It dawned on me: she has probably never even put it in her mouth! Oh my life! Don’t tell me this girl has not actually been brushing her teeth at all!

100% human. 100% clever. Knows what is expected of her and knows how to give the impression she is doing it.  One to watch!

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