‘Whoaaaaaaaaa!’  My 14 year old son exclaimed loudly.

As I was driving, I couldn’t turn to check what had happened: ‘what’s wrong?’ I asked, half annoyed because his exclamation had made me jump, half concerned at what might be wrong.

‘Just a minute, I’m recuperating’


‘Mum, I’m soo buff it’s ridiculous!’ He said with a straight face.  ‘I just caught sight of myself in the mirror’ he explained, ‘I need to recuperate’.

I thought I was going to die laughing but I kept a straight face and said ‘knocked you for six huh?!  I know how you feel!’

Now I will be the first to admit that I encourage self love and rocking one’s own gorgeous et al, but I had always done it with girls in mind, my argument being that a lot of girls suffer from low self esteem and are victims to other people’s opinions of them.  You will see in mirror mirror how my little girl was born into this and didn’t even realise it was a journey!  Somewhere on my journey to loving myself and teaching my daughters to do the same, it’s rubbed off quite considerably on my son!

Oh well….

100% human. 100% Buff (in his own words!). Be sure to curb any signs of vanity!

P.S –  in case you are wondering what buff means; from the urban dictionary:


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