Only five!

My daughters share a room so my 5 year old is used to having company at night. Tonight however my 11 year old is away at a sleep over so when I sent my other two to bed I heard this:

‘Will you come and lie down in my bed with me please, just till I fall asleep?’ my 5 year old pleaded with her 7 year old brother

‘ No!’ He protested, ‘You never let me leave!’

‘But I am your little sister and I am only five!’

‘Exactly you are five now’

‘Only five, five is not a big number, it’s not 10 or 18. It is the smallest number apart from 4 or 3 or 2…’

‘But you are five!!!’ her brother responded frustrated

‘Or 2 or 1 or baby. Five is the smallest number! ’ She continued ignoring his protests.

‘OK since you are five I will come for five minutes’ He said cleverly

‘Five minutes??!!! No I need 43 minutes!’

‘Forty three minutes?!!! Then I won’t come at all’


I left them to it ….. there was some serious negotiation going on and I was not about to get involved.

I returned to find them playing on her bed, laughing. After about half an hour my son came to me:  ‘Mum, I have put her to bed, tucked her in but she is still awake and her eyes are open, can I go to my bed now?’

I nodded and off he went. I smiled to myself as I thought about how they had negotiated and compromised and everyone was happy.

100% human, already negotiating!