Copy cat!

I looked on in surprise, amusement and a bit of alarm as my two year old danced and ‘sang’ a song. It wasn’t so much the dancing, she’s always wiggling her bum, nor the singing, as she does that a lot too. It was the song!  The words were not clear but with the combination of the dance moves and the vague tune, it soon became clear to me.  Now, fortunately these dance moves were not vile in anyway, and the song, though not suitable for a 2 year old, does not contain profanities or anything. So why the alarm? First because she knew the song, second because she knew the dance moves and third ….well just because!!

Where on earth did she hear and see this video?  Even more worrying was that her display made it clear to me that she had seen it more than once; there’s no way she could have it down like that with only one viewing…. is there? Unless perhaps I have a musical genius on my hands………….

I was so relieved when I walked into the room one day to see her intently watching and intermittently imitating her older sister doing the dance moves and singing off key.  So she wasn’t watching the video after all! ……….but wait! If her older sister had the dance moves to a tee….Where on earth did she watch it?

Good grief!

I took comfort in the fact that she also copies her mother when she tidies up……

jo sweeps



Label 100% person. Will copy what they see, watch what they are exposed to.


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