Daddy’s girl

When my eldest daughter was born I found her relationship with her dad very interesting.  Unlike her older brother she had a confidence and an ownership almost, of her dad.  When she wanted to sit on his lap she would chuck anything off, her brother included and would just clamber on and make herself comfy. I marveled at it.  She could care less what anyone thought, he was her daddy and as far as she was concerned that gave her priority and she knew it.

Interestingly enough, my second daughter had exactly the same attitude almost saying ‘He’s my dad, I know it, and more than that I know what that entitles me to!’  They almost forced their dad to ‘dad up’ in a sense.

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So this morning I was most amused when I woke up to what seemed to be an argument between my two year old and her dad.

‘Stop it dad!’


‘Ohhhhhhhh dad! Stop it’


Did I mention I was in bed with my husband? Our daughter had come to join us and had become involved in this disagreement.

‘Daddy stop it!  I don’t like it!’

Then I heard a slap of sorts so I sat up ‘What’s wro….?’

Before I got the question out she replied:

‘Ohhhhhhhh daddy stop snoring!  I don’t like it!’

Dear Lord Jesus I almost wet myself laughing!  She had come into our bed and was telling her dad to stop snoring because she didn’t like it……I should have had this one earlier, I may have got a good nights sleep by now!


label: 100% person. Totally knows what she does not like!


p.s I will be picking her up on the slapping bit!




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