Dads and lads

My twelve year old and his dad attended the end of season presentation ceremony for his football club today. As is usual they had the dads and lads game. 
Despite their protruding bellies and shortness of breath, these dads do manage to give the lads a run for their money…especially considering the average age gap of 30 odd years. 


The game went to penalties and both my husband and son were in goal on opposite sides (obviously).. Great!   No pressure on me then😑….
Luckily, the final score was 4-4….. They were both as good as each other. ☺

Speaking to my son later I teased ‘I can’t believe you didn’t save more goals than your dad. You run the risk of giving him the impression he’s as fit as you’
‘Mum’ he said with a slight smirk, ‘I had to boost his self esteem didn’t I?’!

100% human. Quite witty too!

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