Did you enjoy it?

‘Mum did you enjoy giving birth to me?’

I laughed out loud.

Great!  My ten year old had chosen the moment when I was in the middle of preparing dinner to ask me this somewhat delicate question.

Surely she could have found a different feeling to ask about!  No one had ever asked me if I had fun giving birth before….I mean who enjoys child birth?!  You know, actually giving birth.

Was I happy to give birth to her? Was I excited about it? Did I want to have her?…..I don’t know but there must be a more suitable word than ‘enjoy’.

I wondered how bad it would sound if I told her I had not enjoyed it.  Would she then interprete it as me not wanting her?    Her timing was terrible….

‘Do you know that labour is painful?’  I asked trying to get the conversation over as quickly as possible without appearing dissmissive.

‘It is?’

‘Yes darling,  and my labour is really easy compared to some women but it’s still painful.’

‘So you didn’t enjoy it?’

‘Not particularly.  Do you enjoy pain?’

She looked alarmed

‘No!’ She looked at me like I was mad

‘But I knew that after all the pain I would have you; so if you look at it like that, I kind of sort of enjoyed giving birth to you…’

‘Kind of sort of! I like that.  Anyway I get you’  She said and skipped off.




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  1. … it’s amazing how sometimes all we have to do is be open and honest with them … but do we? No .. we try to second guess them, wondering, “why is he/she really asking” …. but great job mum … lol …

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