Give me a reason to love…..

My six year old came in and said ‘Dad said to tell you he loves you’.  I thanked him as he left.

My ten year old overheard the end of the sentence and knowing how often her thirteen year old brother sends my six year old on errands, she assumed that it was my eldest son who had sent the message.

‘Why does he love you?’ she asked

‘He needs a reason?!’ I responded a bit surprised at her question.

She left the room in search of her big brother to question him as to his love for me.

She returned a few minutes later

‘Why does he love you?’

‘You will have to ask him!’

‘I did.  He is not answering me’

‘Oh well, I can’t answer for him’

She leaves again and comes back angry:

‘It was dad who said he loves you!!!’


‘Of course he loves you!’ she walked off in a huff.

I smiled.   My child needs a reason to love me but my husband doesn’t!

reas love

100 % person. Still grappling with this whole love thing.


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