Hair needed! 

A rare opportunity came about last week and my husband was able to take the children to school. I jumped at it because even though I work near their school, I know they love it and I feel it does a lot for them and their self esteem.

My husband called me after he had dropped them off and said that our five year old had not wanted him to take her into school.

‘Aww, nevermind, I am surprised though. It is probably because her sister always takes her in.’ I tried to console a dad in shock.

‘No you don’t understand, her sister didn’t take her in. I did!  But she made me leave her at the gate and she went in herself.’

‘That’s odd!’  I had my suspicions but refused to assume.

When I picked up the kids, I was curious to find out my daughters reasoning for not letting her dad take her in:

‘Why did you ask dad to leave you at the gate?’ I asked

She looked at me, rolled her eyes in a kind of ‘isn’t it obvious?!’manner and said ‘Because he is bald!’

Ooooooh. It seems this is definitely not a good thing for girls, I remember her older sister having exactly the same issue a few years back only she requested that he wore a cap whenever he ventured into the playground.

‘Would it be okay if he wore a cap?’ I asked

‘Of course! Then nobody would know he was bald!’

Tomorrow she is getting a certificate and her dad is able to attend, so I mentioned this to her and she said ‘no mummy, daddy can’t come, he’s bald. Anyway it’s only for mummies!’

True enough I can’t think of another one of the fathers in her class that is bald and it appears this is a cause of great embarrassment for her; I guess while she is confident in her own looks (That’s silly!), she is not ready to have a father that is ‘different’ yet.

100% human. 100% has issues with baldness in dads. For best results, grow hair!

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  1. Oo ti oo! … Well! well!! well!!! … I’m glad I made the decision to grow my hair … Baby girl, lets go to school joo …lol!

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