Home is where…….????????

Should I be worried that my children don’t want to be home?

I can’t count the number of times that I get asked to go on a playdate (please note that’s to go on one, not have one) or a sleepover. My five year old sometimes even cries when he doesn’t have a playdate because he feels it is his right to have one everyday.

Then there’s  my eight year old girl who is notorious for this, she’s a serial offender.  There is a particular house she goes to for playdates and returns three days later…. Nowadays I don’t even bother; I know that by saying yes to a playdate at this particular household, I am saying yes to at least a one night sleepover too.   And my twelve year old has a similar syndrome; again, there is a particular house where a playdate, more often than not, means a sleepover.

I appreciate that these houses are waaaaay more exciting than ours; what with swimming pools, tree houses and trampolines…….who can blame them?! They both have resident toothbrushes at their second homes. And its cool!  I’m all for my kids being independent and confident enough to sleep over at someone else’s house….God knows I had sleepovers all the time when I was growing up.

But I’m just checking if their desire to flee the nest so early in life should be one for concern…….

Then today when I was picking up my eight year old from her second home, I got it.  Despite the fact that appearance wise she is nothing like them, she is totally one of them. Totally. She is sooo comfortable there, she really is at home.

They don’t see her as a different colour, the fact that she has allergies doesn’t faze them; they all know what she can and can’t have and they all know what to do if she reacts to something.  They don’t know what to do with her hair, but they love it and constantly say so.  In fact, they do so much for her self esteem, its no wonder she loves to hang out there.

Note to self – do more to build self esteem.

Label: 100% person. Totally need acceptance.

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