Honesty is the best policy

It was sports day the other week and my 8 year old daughter was running the sprint.  She had proudly told me that in the try outs her teacher had said ‘first….by a mile’, referring to her ability and she was determined to impress.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the start so I sent messages to all my mother friends asking them to take pictures of her if her race was before I got there.  Good job too as hers was first!  So as I approached the school  I received pictures of her crossing the finish line.

Now, do I admit I was late? Or do I go with the flow? After all I had the picture and had been given all the relevant information. ….

I spotted her hair in the crowd and waited till she was suitably distracted and then I joined the other parents, confident I had got away with it.  As my friend would say, ‘no shaking!’.  The rest of the event went smoothly especially as  I dodged the mothers race.  Having won it by fluke last year, there were great expectations so to avoid any confusion or assumptions I decided to arrive in turquoise heels!

Winning mothers race last year

Winning mothers race last year

At the end of the event she spotted me and said ‘you missed my race’.  I responded calmly, ‘you were brilliant!  Next time sweetie, try not to slow down when you get to the line, that’s when you need to dig in deep.’

She was a bit puzzled ‘you saw it?!’ she exclaimed in shock.  I smiled.

As we walked home with a friend (who normally comes home with us) I noticed that, coincidentally, they both had identical hair styles!!!  There was no way I could have known that the child I identified was actually mine!…..perhaps I hadn’t got away with it after all! Oh well!

no chance of running in these!

no chance of running in these!

Label: 100% person. Young but not stupid. Honesty still best policy.

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  1. LOL!! They really are so much smarter than we give them credit for 🙂 So yes, honesty is the best policy….especially as they have very good memories when it comes to things they want to retain!!

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