I can do what you can….

So today I decided to have a nap; everyone was in and I had no reason to be on full alert.  It was one of those naps where you are still aware of the noise going on nearby but it’s kind of in the distance.  I suddenly realised that I had not heard my two year old in a while.  It can’t have been more than a minute but I was asleep so who knows….

Still lying down I called out her name, no response. I then asked if anyone knew where she was…no! At which point her dad leapt up shouting out her name. I sat up.

‘The front door is open’ my 12 year old said rather casually, considering.

‘Stop messing about’ his dad reprimanded him.

‘It is, dad! I’m not messing about’ he retorted.

Okaaaay!  This is serious!!!. I ran out the door and down the stairs to see my daughter in her nappy (yes, I know! I’m still not ready to potty train!)walking back across the street towards the house.  A navy car stopped dead in the road, the driver following her, clearly in a state of shock.

Yes!  My two year old, while I was sleeping, had pushed the chair to the door, climbed up, opened it, gone out, down the stairs, on to the road, walked across it and crossed back over and was heading back to the house.

Now our street is not a main road but it is used as a short cut by many and as such is usually very busy and dangerous to cross. I wish I could tell you I have taught her how to cross the road safely, I haven’t….she would have just stepped out unconcerned; she may have looked left and right, but she would have crossed regardless.  I did not hear a screech (but I was asleep!) so I am unsure if the driver had to stop suddenly or if he saw her wandering across from a distance….


safe in my arms

safe in my arms

Thank God he was watching over her because I wasn’t, thank God it was not a busy day so there were fewer cars on the road, and thank God she wasn’t just picked up and taken away.

100% person. 100% independent.  Copies what you do and may try to do it in your absence. Watch very carefully!


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    • Yes, Thank God she is okay! This is really a Thank God situation….what would we have said? we were all in chilling? I was sleeping? …….really!?! It is really a Thank God situation!

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