I know what I want

My three year old daughter is teaching me everyday.  I was in the kitchen a few minutes ago and she swanned in (none of my children walk; they either bounce, bound, dance, skip, swan, glide, somersault, run or ‘fly’.  They only walk when there is something wrong.)

‘What are you making for dinner mum?’

‘Fajitas’  I responded gleefully.  Fajitas are a good choice from my kids point of view.  I knew I wouldn’t get any objections.

‘Fajitas are not my favourite’ she responded matter-of-factly and swanned out of the room.

As she left I smiled at her ability to know just what she likes.  It’s so refreshing.  I realise that maybe one will have to work on how exactly to voice these feelings without being offensive but for now I love that we seem to be raising a daughter who knows what she likes and doesn’t and is confident enough to voice it.  (I’m not quite sure how we are doing this but I am grateful.)  Having taken many years myself to work out that it is okay to know what you like or don’t like and voice it; having struggled to accept that it is okay to have differing opinions from the ‘norm’ and having watched her sister try desperately to work this out for herself…this made me smile.

I blogged about her other phrase ‘I don’t love it’ here

She is teaching me that you don’t have to like everything, you don’t have to love everything….and that’s okay.  It reminded me of a song we sing in church: I know who I am

The chorus says: I know who I am, I know who God says I am, where he says I’m at.  I know who I am.

Yes she definitely knows who she is and where she’s at.

100% human.  100% confident.  Knows herself.  Please make sure she doesn’t lose this gift.


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