I will pay

My 6 year old has been consistently well behaved for the last few days and it has been especially obvious since his older sister has been somewhat challenging.
‘I really think you deserve a reward.  Remind me tomorrow and I will get you something’
‘Ok mum, what are you going to get? Can I have match attax?’ He asked referring to the popular football cards that he likes to collect.
‘Is that what you want?’ I asked.  I had planned to get something a bit more special but hey….
‘Yes please and can you buy one for my brother and sister too?’ He asked excitedly
‘Oh no not this time I can’t because it’s your reward’ I explained.
‘Ok’ he said and wandered off.
‘Here you go mummy’  I turned to see my son with his arm stretched out trying to hand me something.  I put out my hand and he placed a one pound coin in it.
‘You can use that to buy match attax for my brother and sister.  I took it out of my piggy bank’.

100% human. 100% caring.  Willing to give up his own for others.

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