It wouldn’t hurt you

The light in my daughters room stopped working so I put on a lamp.  The lamp required a 20 watt bulb but of course I only had a 60 watt bulb so while we looked for what we needed I put in the 60 watt bulb and told her that we had to be quick, warning her that if we weren’t it could ‘explode’.  I did plan to take it straight out but instead switched it off and went downstairs.

I returned to find my daughter lying in bed with the lamp on (with 60 watt bulb) reading….so I told her off, switched it off and took out the bulb.  I thought that was it.
About a week later in the car on the way home she piped up ‘I don’t know why you are bothered anyway,  if it explodes  it’s not you it will hurt, it’s me it will kill!’

‘Well that’s alright then’ I thought but managed to resist voicing the sarcasm.

Clearly I need to remind her of how much she means to me.
100% human. 100% girl. Needs frequent reassurance of her worth.

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