Just like me!

My five year old sat eagerly in the back of the car….he was meeting James for the first time; they were going to football together.

‘Mum, he’s five like me?!’ He asked with a statement for the umpteenth time.

‘Yes darling’

‘Wow!’ He was clearly thinking about it.

We pulled up outside James’ house. The door opened and James came out, I heard my son gasp.  I was unsure what sort of gasp it was; fear? excitement? alarm?  or perhaps he’d fainted. I turned round to check.

His face was alight with pleasure; ‘Mummy!  He’s brown …like me! Is he? He is!!!’  He double checked, confirmed and was thrilled.

I was a bit taken aback. Yes my son is brown (I call him black but he cannot reconcile this as he is clearly brown.  He often questions my knowledge of colours when I refer to him as black), and thinking about it most of his friends are caucasian. But as he has many a ‘cousin’ who is ‘brown’, I had just never really thought about whether or not he had ‘brown’ friends and if indeed this mattered.

James got in ‘Hello! I’m not very good at football’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll teach you, I’m very good.’

And they chatted away.


Label 100% person. Needs to identify.

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