Light up the bin

I am totally amazed at my fourteen year old’s wit, he’s so quick off the mark!  At Christmas we gave our four year old a voice changer. What is that? You might ask.  Well on the box it says ’10 different voice changing effects’, so for argument’s sake let’s stick with that.

My four year old anxiously tore off the wrapping paper to reveal this purple blue plastic thing which obviously she could not identify:


Purple blue voice changer

‘What is it?’ She shouted out trying to be excited about something she clearly didn’t get.

My fourteen year old glanced across at the object, identified it, looked at me and said ‘how could you?!’

Before I could respond he turned to his sister and said:

‘It’s something that lights up the bin.  If you put it in the dustbin it will light it up’ he said with a straight face.

‘Oh!’ She responded excitedly and proceeded to the kitchen to put the toy in the bin.

My fourteen year old giggled to himself and continued doing what he was doing while my eleven year old ran after her sister to save the voice changer from its dustbin fate.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Having retrieved the object and identified its real use, they then spent the next ten minutes annoying their big brother by changing their voices none stop.

I will admit I felt it was sweet justice!

100% human, quick off the mark!

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