Long hair rules

My five year old, like her twelve year old sister has a fascination with long hair and they feel that their hair, although it is afro, should be at least shoulder length.  While this is not an impossibility for hair of afro origin, it is not something that happens just like that.  I have had several conversations with my girls to try and explain this but they do not seem to grasp it.  On occasion I have put extensions in my twelve year olds hair and even my five year old has had extensions added in braids which has given them shoulder length hair which they shake with reckless abandon.

I went out with my five year old to the high street and as we were leaving the house she asked if she could have extensions.  Her natural hair was in two bunches and I didn’t fully understand what she wanted till I turned and saw her with bits of long hair hanging out of her bunches.

‘Don’t be silly, take them out! If you want extensions I will do it properly ‘ I said

‘Alright mummy but I think they look good.’ She responded and disappeared.

As we walked down the street she seemed to be fiddling with her hair and I saw what appeared to be bits of extra hair hanging out.  She caught me looking confused

‘Oh mummy look what happened!’

As she unravelled the hair from the second bunch she smiled at me and said

‘It’s a trick mummy, I have extensions!’

jo hair


She skipped along the pavement as happy as Larry with the hair hanging out blowing in the wind.

100% human, will have long hair by hook or by crook.

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