Love what you’ve got..

My 6yr old daughter decided she wanted to dye her hair orange. I was a tiny bit alarmed but calmly inquired why she wanted to do this. It turns out that, seeing as two of her closest friends are redheads, she also wanted to be a redhead. Although I was not going to let her dye her hair, her decision to join the minority didn’t go unnoticed.. When I was growing up being a redhead was not something one would choose… the redheads were teased mercilessly.

I thought we had sorted ourselves out when a few months later she was concerned that her bum was too big. ‘I have the biggest bum in my class! All the others have flat bums, mine sticks out! In fact I probably have the biggest bum in the whole year’ she complained.

Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?

Oh Lord Jesus! How to respond?

I was tempted to say ‘yes babe, its big…that’s how God made you, live with it!’.  I wanted to explain how lots of women do all sorts of things to get a bum like hers but I took a deep breath and said ‘yes, your bum sticks out, just like your mummys and it is beautiful!’
She paused…looked at my bum and smiled. ‘Yes, its just like yours mummy and yours is big and beautiful!’ And off she skipped… doubt to find something else she is not satisfied with.
But for now…..’Phew!’

Label -100% person 100%female. Wants to fit in. Needs regular affirmation.

2 thoughts on “Love what you’ve got..

  1. Bless her. My 5 year old used to tell me he doesn’t like getting his hair cut because he wants to grow it and slick it down. I’ve explained that his hair grows out not down. He couldn’t grasp the concept as his mama’s hair was straight and “slicked down”, so were all his friends. . Now his mama wears her hair the way it grows out of her head and he sees her afro, he’s more inclined to appreciate my explanation.

    • Hahaha! It makes such sense! And it didnt help that I had my hair dyed ‘orange’ at one point because when I said she couldn’t, she said ‘but you did mum!’
      Thanks for sharing Nkem

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