Lovely Face

‘This face looks lovely’ my 5 year old said as she waited for her dad to pick up her facetime call.

I looked up to see whose face she was on about and realised she was referring to her own face.

I laughed out loud.  I don’t know why but I was surprised at her confidence.

‘It does does it?  How do you know?’ I asked

She looked up at me and said ‘because it is mum, look!’ And she ran her hand over her cheek with a grin of satisfaction.

‘It absolutely does’  I said, ‘You are right.’

She grinned from ear to ear.

I love the fact that she is so sure of certain things and is confident enough to voice them.  For now I am happy with it but I do worry however about how it will translate in her teenage years.


100% human. 100% confident…borderline vain, may need bringing down to earth

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