Maybe he will share it….

It’s that time of year where the kids have seasonal fairs and basically I donate items to the school and then give them money to buy a whole load of quite frankly useless stuff as Christmas gifts.  As an ex head of the PTA, I appreciate the value of these fundraising events and in our school certainly,the funds are put to good use but I really have not worked out how it is that despite me donating quality products, my children always come home with either food items (well, I say food, I mean Santa shaped ginger biscuits or bags of sweets) or toys that are broken buy the end of the day.

Last week was the infant school seasonal fair; my six year old was allowed a maximum of £7 so I gave him £7.  He came home with no change and well, I guess the sweets and the paints were ‘quality’ products though I would not have spent £7 on them.   This week was the junior school seasonal fair and my ten year old daughter was allowed a maximum of £10 so, again I kindly gave her £9.80 (it had to be in coins see, and I was a bit short).  She did a lot better, returning with a nice journal for me, a water bottle for one of her brothers, hair clips for her sister, a mug for her dad and of course sweets.

My journal is lovely and I love stationary so I cannot complain but I was taken by my husband’s mug and as I got to see it before she gave it to her dad we had a conversation about it:

‘Oooh I like that!  Very nice.’ I said with blatant desire.

‘I chose it for you first but then there was nothing suitable for dad so I got you a journal instead.’

‘Thank you I love the journal.  It’s a shame there never seems to be enough for men’ I said.

As she headed off to give the mug to her dad I said half under my breath, half out loud ‘maybe he will share it with me.’

I later turned up in our room to find the mug on the dressing table with a note


100% human. 100%female.  Desires to please.  May need to be taught that you cannot please everyone.




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