Not like my mum

It was a nice day and my dear husband had promised to take our two youngest out for some fresh air. He was having a lie down and trying his best to delay the outing but finally had to give in and get up. The children were waiting impatiently by the door;

4year old – Daddy! We are just going to wait for you outside.

Daddy – No you are not! Wait till I’m ready then we can go together.

4year old – But mum always lets us wait outside!

Daddy – I am not your mother. Do I look like your mother?

4year old – No! You are not like my mummy. You are bald!!!


Hmmm. She’s right but I don’t think that is quite where he was going!

100% human. Likely to answer questions honestly. Watch what you ask!

p.s I don’t actually let them wait outside!



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