Not tomorrow…..

I have noticed that my five year olds behaviour has taken a turn for the worse over the last few months and I am pretty certain I can pinpoint the cause of the change………but that’s for another day.

Over the last few weeks I have been very busy and my patience with the children has been affected.  Yes, I know!  Its my issue and I shouldn’t let them suffer for it but you know what?   They did!

On this day, I was particularly impatient, I had been at a funeral, emotions were high, it was late and I was tired, as were they.

As I was not sure when I would be back from the funeral I had put the children into the after school club; my five year old was dead against it but with some explanation and coercing, he went.  When I picked him up he was being extremely uncooperative.  Why?  Because he had enjoyed himself so much he wanted me to agree to send him to after school club everyday!!!  I was too tired for the fight….

‘ You have been very naughty this last week’, I said to him in my calmest voice, it was all I could muster.

‘I know’ he said with the most sincere look on his face, ‘but I won’t be tomorrow!’



Well………how do you answer that?

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