Oh pox!

I had been expecting it, for a while it had been doing the rounds and if I’m honest we were feeling a bit left out.  My four year old had come home yet again with news that another one of his classmates had had the privilege.  I hadn’t realised how much disappointment I must have been showing until he said ‘don’t worry mummy, it will be my turn soon.’ So a couple of days after school broke up, he came out in chicken pox!  Yes, chicken pox!  YIPPEE!!! My son, having been told by one of his older siblings that it definitely was chicken pox came bounding into my room, slid on his knees and punched the air: ‘mummy I told you not to worry!  Look, I got it! I got chicken pox mummy!’ He skipped round the room and bounced back out.

chkn pox

As he did I thought of the powerful influence I had over him; he was thrilled about getting chicken pox because I had given the impression that this was a good thing.  It was not an accident; I had deliberately made it seem like a good thing because it seemed inevitable that he would get it and I didn’t want what might already be an unpleasant experience to be worse because of his attitude.  Plus I can’t be dealing with all the drama.  So eight days later and it’s been a breeze; he has embraced the chicken pox as surprise visitors who turned up uninvited but are not causing too much inconvenience and are generally rather pleasant, and he’s been absolutely fine.

That was till this morning when he climbed back into bed and shouted ‘mum!  I feel sick, that means you have to give me breakfast in bed!’

Yeah right!


100% person.  Can be influenced, positively and negatively……be sure to influence positively.


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