What is it with my kids?  I have tried to bring them up correctly and have taught them to be polite; ‘always say please’, ‘whats the missing word?’ ‘what do you say?’ etc and truth be told, they are okay.  I would not describe them as polite, I know many other children that are much more polite but they are not rude either.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a new trend emerging with my 2 year old.  She has clearly understood that the word ‘please’ has great power and is determined to use it as often and as regularly as possible, which I definitely approve of.

But now she thinks it is magic; she thinks that she can use it willy nilly and will get the desired result (her desired result!)

‘Mummy can I have some coke? ‘

‘No darling’

‘Please mummy can I have some coke?’

‘No baby, you can’t have fizzy drinks’

‘But I asked nicely’

‘Yes you did, well done!  But you can’t  have any coke.’


‘Sorry darling, would you like some squash?’


She went on shouting ‘please’ louder and louder, the louder it got the more pronounced and exaggerated it became, like that would make any difference!

She has continued this trend, confident that if she shouts PUHLEEZE loud enough and long enough she will get what she wants…..


Label – 100% person   learning to be rude in the most polite manner…..




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