Run for your life!

Who would have thought that at age 2 she’d already be trying to break free? Isn’t that meant for the teen years?

My 2 year old accompanied me as I took my son, her elder brother, to the doctors.  And we were good! She made a lot of noise in the surgery but no one seemed to mind, especially as she approached them, pretty much one by one, stared into their faces and said ‘hello!’ I felt for the unsuspecting elderly man who was trying to read his newspaper when she peered under his bent head, smiled widely, chuckled to herself and then said ‘hello!’ He was a bit taken aback but she wasn’t about to be ignored. She then wandered about, singing to herself and generally just getting on with it….nothing that should have raised any alarms.

We left the doctors surgery and she walked towards the car following her brother, he got in and she saw her moment.  In a split second she bailed…no kidding she just ran for it.  Where she was going I care not, I was more concerned about the fact that at this age this move appeared to have been premeditated!

Run for your life!

Run for your life!

I can only put this down to events that took place earlier in the day; as we were leaving for the school run, she said she did not want to walk but wanted her pushchair…so I obliged…believe me, heavy as it is to push, I love the control it gives me over her…and its sooo much quicker.  So maximising my control, I kept her strapped in – there and back…..

On the way to pick up her siblings some five hours later I put her in the pushchair again. She had just woken up and kept saying ‘I want to sleep’, so I figured the pushchair was the best option, I certainly did not want to be forced to carry her any length of the way.

So she was strapped in on the way there and most of the way back….

I may be wrong but I suspect that it was on the journey back from the second school run that she started planning her grand escape; now I understand why she kicked up such a fuss when we got back home!

Well, thank goodness I still have a bit of sprint in me…As I often tell my kids; ‘everything you have, you got from me….so if you can run, guess what? I probably can too!’

Now WE know this is not entirely true but for as long as it works…..

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