Runaway baby

I was at a friends house on Saturday, she lives on the first floor of an apartment block.  On this day for some reason there was nowhere nearby to park so I had parked across the street beside another building.  We were chatting and as it was a warm day the children had been playing on the corridor outside; rollerskating and stuff.   We were about to leave so I asked my children to get ready… well I had said ‘Come on, all those belonging to me, we are going! Shoes on, to the car’ and I kept chatting.

‘Jo is on the road’  my friends daughter said, almost in passing

We both looked at her but as there was no real urgency in her tone or manner, we kept talking.  Then it clicked, to my friend at least, and she stepped out onto the balcony, spotted my daughter walking on the road heading to the car and stood there shouting ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! oh my God!’


It was her repetition of  ‘oh my God’ that alerted me to come out onto the balcony and see my beloved last born strolling casually down the road reminiscent of her last solo journey and as I dropped my bag to go after her I saw her older sister sprinting manically behind her.  My friend continued to recite ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’

So her sister got to her, saved her and brought her safely back to us.

My baby, in her opinion, had just been obeying instructions, after all mummy had said to put on her shoes and go to the car. Great!


Label – 100% person. Very clever. Does obey instructions……..sometimes.


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