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As much as I know that my role as a mother is a privilege and I don’t take it for granted, I have never been one to let this knowledge affect my position. As much as I am privileged, so are my children and I have been very clear that I shared my body (albeit willingly) with them for 10 months (yes, not 9 months oh no, ten full months) and that my lifestyle had to change to accommodate them (from my eating habits, to my dressing habits to my outing habits and my sleeping habits – the details of each are irrelevant; the fact that I probably ate healthier, slept deeper and dressed funkier is not their business. They just need to know I made changes for THEM!).  Its not quite in the attitude of ‘I brought you into this world and I can take you out’ but I guess arguably its on the outskirts…..

So I was totally floored the other day when my 11 year old approached me and said ‘mum, seeing as you were so kind as to share your body with me for 10 months, and you have continued to let me share your life, do you think you would be so kind as to let me play on your iphone for a bit?!’

iphone games
Yup, it was a school night, yup it was an un-educational game, yup it was against all I would normally agree to, but yes! He got to play on the iphone!

I figure it won’t work next time (I’ll be ready!) so I may as well be ‘so kind’ – he asked politely, eloquently and he had clearly thought it through so to be fair he had ticked a fair few necessary boxes….. It was no skin off my nose and after all, I was kind enough to share my body with him…for a whole 10 months…..what’s an iphone for 20 minutes?!

Label – 100% person, clearly quite clever.  Remember: try to stay one step ahead (at least!)


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  1. This write-up had me in stitches, I actually laughed out loud…He totally deserved to play on that iphone. Like you said next time you will be ready, and so might he….

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