Sweet Smell

My four year old has recently been through a phase of climbing into our bed in the early hours of the morning, (somewhere between 4 and 6am her father tells me!) and being as I am exhausted I don’t even realise it till I wake up in the morning.  This obviously means that she’s been getting away with it as my husband definitely isn’t going to get out of bed to take her back to her bed, instead he moves over to give her space!!!!  The other night she was faffing about in our bedroom and I was losing my patience:

‘Come on now, bedtime.  You need to brush your teeth and go to bed.’

‘Ok mum’ she casually responds and strolls out.

She returned almost immediately much to my annoyance,  picked up a bottle of perfume and started spraying it on herself.

‘It’s bedtime why are you putting on perfume?!’ I asked exasperated. ‘It’s not like anyone is going to smell you tonight’ I continued.

‘You and dad are when I come to sleep in your bed’ she said and promptly left the room while I tried unsuccessfully to keep a straight face.

100% human. 100% clever. Already knows the importance of smelling good.  God help me!

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  1. Hmm … Mrs A … Do you remember the saying ‘An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?’ … Maybe ‘mummy’ did that as a 4 year old as well. If you doubt me, ask Mrs A … lol …

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