Tall, thin.

I was tidying my daughters room, again, questioning my parenting skills as I did.  Surely I had taught her this basic skill hadn’t I?  As a firm believer that if my children are not doing well at something, I need to look at what I am doing and where, if at all, my behaviour can change things.  This is not from a judgemental point of view but rather from a belief that it is what you put into children that you will get out. God forbid I am putting laziness or ‘someone else will do it’ into her!

So here I am sorting through the pieces of paper on the floor tempted to chuck them all in the recycling box but trying to decide which pieces are rubbish and which are important when I come across one titled ‘list for Santa’. I screwed it up, I mean Christmas is long gone! Then I wondered if she had got what she wanted……so I opened it up and two things jumped out at me.  I want to share one with you. It was number eight on a list of eight so not top priority but….

taller, thinner

My daughter has an athletic build; she sprints, dances and is a gymnast.  She is very fit, very agile and slim.  Is she tall?  Not particularly, she is average but she would not be described as short I don’t think.

Tall and thin! Where did that come from?

Like every little girl she is self conscious and has mentioned to me on occasion  that she wished her tummy was flatter.  I have been quick to tell her that it is just perfect. So I did know that she had thought about her body image  but had not realised it was such a cause for concern that Santa had to be involved………although perhaps the story here should be about her choice of Santa, not God (unlike my son) as the all powerful one.

I am very much into rocking my own gorgeous and a long time ago I had to make a decision not to criticize my own body in front of my children and instead embrace it fully, love handles and all. There are bits I love, bits I would like to change and bits I can live with but as a package, I love it all. So now I need to find a way to teach this healthy self love to my daughter…drat! I thought I had done it, clearly not well enough yet!

I’m guessing she didn’t get what she wanted for Christmas then.

Label – 100% person. 100% person. 100% person…….hmmmmmmm


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