The power of prayer

‘Please Jesus let the wii work’

I turned, a tad surprised at the muttering I had just heard. Before I could comment, my five year old handed me the wii remote and said ‘you pray mum because I think you are good at praying.’

I am all for petitioning God for every single thing that matters to you, and I firmly believe that no matter how stupid it may seem, if it matters so much to me, it matters to God because he loves me……. but the wii!

I mean how sincere would my prayer sound especially as I really would rather it didn’t work? I figured I had better get up and attempt to get the wii working. I opted for the non prayer option. I shook the remote and that annoying hand showed itself on the screen, I selected the relevant bits and we were home free.

My two year old said ‘yes mum give me a high five’ which I did with a smile on my face. I wonder where she got that from!

‘You are the best mum, you really are!’ shouted my five year old very pleased that he could now play his wii game.

You are the best mum!

You are the best mum!

As I settled back to my work feeling chuffed with the statement, I heard him continue; ‘All parents are the best….yes I think’.

Well thanks luv!

Label: 100% person….brutally honest!


3 thoughts on “The power of prayer

  1. Dont you just love them! awwww bless
    I told my 4year old that his godmother’s mum had died and when he was saying his night time prayers he asked God to let aunty KJ’s mum be ‘undead’ ! His sister had to stop the prayers to explain to him that people cant be undead when they are dead they are dead!

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