The wheels on the bus..

Our car is not working at the moment so I had the pleasure of a 45 minute bus ride with my four children the other day.  As has become the norm on such bus rides my eldest who gets on the bus at the stop after us totally ignores us, sits down and slots his earphones in. My two middle children sit separately on the top of the bus, and I sit with my little one somewhere towards the back of the bus and try to keep her with me for the entire journey.  She insists on moving from seat to seat to join first her brother then her sister.  Very frustrating! Anyway on this particular journey she was compliant and sat with me singing various songs. She started singing at the top of her voice:
‘If you are happy and you know it clap your hands, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands……..’ I tried to get her to sing quietly but gave up, after all it was just a little girl singing a nursery rhyme of sorts. Stupid me! I nearly fell off my seat when she moved to the next verse ‘if you are happy and you know it press mummy’s nipple…’ 😯
Yes! My three year old was singing at the top of her voice about pressing my nipples on a rush hour bus. Great!! I managed to keep a straight face and encouraged her to sing quietly. 


She laughed hysterically and promptly moved on to ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round…..The babies on the bus press my mummy’s nipples….!
I could not wait to get off the bus and for once I was happy that my oldest had ignored us and had his headphones in.
100% human.  100 % creative. May become a songwriter one day.

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