Think about the shorts!

I was round at a friends the other day and she recounted a conversation she had had with her 11 year old son recently.

My friend had put on a pair of shorts and was feeling quite chuffed that she had made it into them without much fuss.

‘What do you think?’ she asked her son.


‘Well mum….’

Now, I do not know why we do this to ourselves, I really don’t!  There are some questions we probably should not ask.  She should have known at this point what was coming…but we are never quite ready are we?

(note to self: do not ask questions you do not want the answer to! Open ended questions are lethal!)

‘You may think that they look good, but the shorts look like they are in pain!’


100% human. 100% witty……will tell the truth with a bit of wit, be careful what you ask!


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