Tooth truth!

I walked out of the dentist today very sad….two of my children need fillings! As one who has more fillings than I care to admit, I was  determined to keep my children filling free for as long as possible.  Did I know it would be hard? Yes….. but I was going to give it a good try.  I was well aware that depriving them would probably lead to them over-doing or hiding  it, so I went for the moderation option.  Well I stuffed that up!

I should have known the minute I started finding empty sweet wrappers in my sons pocket that I had a problem. Well in truth that was my cue, but I figured that as long as he was brushing his teeth properly we should be fine.  Clearly he wasn’t…..

So I find myself wondering what I could have done differently…not on a guilt level but on an improvement level; after all I have two more who are still filling-less.

I remember a poem my mum taught us back in the day….Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth by Pam Ayres.


Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth,
And spotted the dangers beneath
All the toffees I chewed,
And the sweet sticky food.
Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

I wish I’d been that much more willin’
When I had more tooth there than fillin’
To give up gobstoppers,
From respect to me choppers,
And to buy something else with me shillin’.

When I think of the lollies I licked
And the liquorice allsorts I picked,
Sherbet dabs, big and little,
All that hard peanut brittle,
My conscience gets horribly pricked.

My mother, she told me no end,
‘If you got a tooth, you got a friend.’

I was young then, and careless,
My toothbrush was hairless,
I never had much time to spend.

Oh I showed them the toothpaste all right,
I flashed it about late at night,
But up-and-down brushin’
And pokin’ and fussin’
Didn’t seem worth the time – I could bite!

If I’d known I was paving the way
To cavities, caps and decay,
The murder of fillin’s,
Injections and drillin’s,
I’d have thrown all me sherbet away.

So I lie in the old dentist’s chair,
And I gaze up his nose in despair,

And his drill it do whine
In these molars of mine.
‘Two amalgam,’ he’ll say, ‘for in there.’

How I laughed at my mother’s false teeth,
As they foamed in the waters beneath.
But now comes the reckonin’
It’s me they are beckonin’
Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.


Well, I think I will be printing it off and sticking it somewhere strategic.

Label – 100% person. This one likes sweet things. Monitor closely.






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