Undivided attention

I was sitting at the table on my laptop when my two year old climbed onto my lap and started having a conversation. I stopped to listen but soon realised that my involvement in the conversation was unnecessary, she was recalling some conversation she had had in nursery and was clearly reciting it.  She kept speaking and I kept typing …. it seemed fair.

I admit, once I had established that she wasn’t talking to me, I ignored her. She continued chatting and I hadn’t realised when she had started to include me in the conversation.  How could I??!!!  Yes, I heard the same thing repeated several times, but I am sure she’d been repeating things for her entire conversation.   She held my cheek, turned my face to face her; I smiled at her and turned back to my screen. She did it again, I smiled again but I was beginning to get a bit irritated.  I had work to do, I didn’t need this!

Well, I was quite taken aback when she grabbed my cheek, turned it towards her and said in a very stern voice ‘look at me!’ I did! and she proceeded to tell me that fireworks are not scary, that I need to cut her brothers nails and that incy wincy spider came up again in the spout. Really!


It has started!  At age two she is already demanding undivided attention, worse than that she’s enforcing it!

Label – 100% person. Wants to be acknowledged. Knows when you are pretending.



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