Walk with me…

I know that perhaps as she is approaching two and is more than capable of walking on her own, my daughter should be released from the pushchair and allowed to walk when we take her siblings to school.  BUT it causes me a few problems;  first I am no longer in total control of her movement and as such have to be more alert and second it takes forever!!! Our usual 7 minute walk now takes a good 20 minutes as she inspects every leaf, touches every twig and rotates three times around every lamp post and tree!  She squeals in delight ‘mummy I walk, I walk’ as she runs (okay stumbles) up the footpath and leans into the hedge to let others pass….even if it means waiting a couple of minutes for them to get close enough to be let by.  As far as she is concerned she is not sharing that footpath and if that means it takes an hour to get through it alone, well, so be it.

iph 162

Most days her siblings have run ahead and have settled in school before we arrive which makes me wonder why I bother……..

Well I bother because she loves it, it gives her a sense of independence and confidence and quite frankly there will soon be a time when she probably would rather not spend forty minutes (there and back) walking with me.

Label – 100% person.  Allow to develop. Be there to catch if need be.


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