What is a real name?

Have you seen the coke bottles that have names on?  Yeah…..well I don’t do fizzy drinks at home so there was never a desire to buy these personalised coke bottles but I did wonder how long it would take before one of my children commented on the fact that their name didn’t exist on them.   Of course I expected it to be my eldest son with some witty remark.
No, it was my five year old son;
‘I wonder how much it costs to get your name on a coke bottle’ he said in deep thought.
As I was about to explain that it costs the same he continued
‘Yeah but my name is not a real name!!!!’

Not a real name??!! I wanted to proceed to tell him just what his name means and how we had gone to great lengths to choose a name with such meaning. How everytime I call him I am making a clear empowering statement….but I didn’t.
I got it. It didn’t matter what his name meant, what mattered was the fact that his name would not be on a coke bottle. He feels that because he has such an unusual name, it’s not a real name!


So I was very pleased to see his uncle had one with his own equally unusual name on. Apparently I can order it online…..so even though I don’t usually do fizzy drinks, guess what I’m going to do?!

100% human. Thinks a lot. Needs a real name ☺

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