You can hope

My almost eleven year old daughter came into the sitting room to complain about the length of her skirt.  She has been wearing a 6-7 year old skirt for the last couple of years or so because she likes the style; admittedly size wise she comes up smaller than her age but not five years younger!   I allowed it because until now it fit her and did not look like it was many years too small.  Well now it does!  I have spent the last six months looking for a skirt in a similar style so the exchange can be made but every single skirt has been unacceptable; too straight, too flared, too long, wrong pleat………

Now you may ask why I tolerate this, let me explain; we are coming from a place where because of her allergies she would literally cover herself from head to toe and she definitely wouldn’t wear skirts, so I am keen to encourage her to wear skirts, but it is important not only that she is comfortable in them but also that they are decent.

Anyway so in she walks in one of the many rejected skirts (which I must add as far as I can see is identical to the much loved 6-7 year old skirt). As I have now seized the 6-7 year old skirt she is having to find an alternative.

‘Oh I like that !’ I said and I meant it.  It was smart, if a bit long.

‘It is a little bit long though’ I continued

‘It is sooo ugly!’

‘It’s identical to the one you love, just longer.  We can sort that out, I will take it up’

‘Okay’ she said reluctantly as she pulled the tag off it and flung it across the room.

‘I hope you are going to put that in the bin’  I said

‘Yeah well you can hope’ she responded quickly and attempted to continue speaking, pleased with her quick ‘witty’ response.


There is a fine line between humour and offense and this one is stepping over…

Dictionary definition of the word hope.

100% human. Will push the boundaries….O Lord give me strength!

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